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DTIM II (Arctan-Group)
Geophysical situation awareness of distributed mission planning and execution using dynamic visual transforms of simulation state.
DTIM (Arctan-Group)
Distributed Technical Information Management--Visualization of complex decision-support comparative analyses.
Human Terrain Analysis (BAE)
Extend COMPOEX / COMPOSE (sim engine) with geospatial modeling (shapes and functions), N-to-M associations, visualization View Maker and ESRI integration via J2EE web services.
Pro-Active Intelligence (BAE)
Probe Search finds effective actions to support simulation hypotheses. Surveyor presents search results using animated, diagrammatic visualization and user-configurable timeseries charts.

Geopolitical Analysis and Modeling Environment
Political-social futures analysis tool that visualizes competing hypotheses, quantitative / qualitative evidence support and geospatial trend flows.

Multi-Perspective Modeling (GD) C# / .NET framework permitting conflict-free synchronous and asynchronous collaboration with ability to share by forming explicit agreements. Multi-Perspective Critical Intent Model
Critical Intent Model (GD)
Critical Intent Model graphical analysis tool with configurable Option Analyzer for creating and analyzing sophisticated probabalistic models

Editor and viewer for manipulating complex Markov state transitions.
Thematic Navigator for browsing large document stores and the Corporate Memory Visualizer for viewing interdocument relationships.

Plots and charts of financial data produced to print-quality (PostScript) specifications.
Rules Flow
Government and military regulations derived and displayed as flow charts and process status.
Data analysis
Rich and complex market pricing data organized for efficient and productive user work flow.
Fact Sheet
Verylarge data set represented visually for user efficiency and effectiveness
Displaying relationships among documents across topics, time and association.
Small charts
Various small chart samples
Minard's Graphic
Minard's graphic produced from RVN Toolkit